Alter G Treadmill

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill can change the way you recover mobility, maintain health, and enhance physical performance.

How AlterG Works

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill delivers physical rehab and training benefits you can’t get any other way.  Combining patented NASA Differential Air Pressure technology, an intuitive touchscreen interface, real-time gait analytics, and live video monitoring, enables body weight supported walking, running, and closed kinetic chain exercises like never before.  The AlterG uses air to comfortably and precisely unweight the user to as little as 20% of body weight to reduce impact and gravitational forces without compromising natural biomechanics.

Benefits of the AlterG Treadmill

  • Lightened load to as little as 20% of body weight

  • Immediate feedback with video analysis of gait

  • Maintain mileage while reducing joint impact

  • Restore mobility after surgery or injury

  • Overspeed training to enhance performance

  • Identify asymmetry and gain deficiencies in real time

  • Earlier return to weight-bearing activity

  • Retrain gait without compensations from pain or injury

  • Maintain and improve cardiovascular fitness

  • Fall free environment

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Cryotherapy Testimonials

My son had a leg injury and we went to GSO Cryo for the Cryotherapy Treatment as well as Cryo Boot. He felt Great as soon as he was done and hoping to be on the field soon. It is a very inexpensive treatment with Amazing results. I highly recommend it!

Charles Thousand