Top Health & Cosmetic Benefits of Infrared Sauna Treatments

Our full-spectrum infrared sauna treatments provide both health and cosmetic benefits.


Daily sauna sweating can help detoxify your body as it rids itself of accumulated toxic heavy metals. At low temperature, infrared will penetrate the body’s fat cells to expel what has built up over time. Parentheses lose lead all the way to inorganic compounds parentheses.

Stress and fatigue reduction

A few minutes in the gentle warmth of an infrared sauna will help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed. Infrared heat also affects the autonomic nervous system putting you in the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state allowing your body to heal.

Muscle aches, stiffness, and joint pain

Infrared heat can relieve inflammation, stiffness, and soreness by increasing blood circulation to relax your muscles. It is also effective in the treatment of sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, and many other muscular-skeletal ailments.

Weight loss and increased metabolism

The Journal of the American Medical Medical Association has mentioned that regular use of a sauna imparts a similar boost on the cardiovascular system to running. As you relax in the gentle infrared heat, your body is hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood and burning calories. A 30-minute session can burn somewhere between 250 calories or more.

Immune system boost

The penetrating infrared wavelengths from our TrueWaveTM infrared and full spectrum heaters will raise your core body temperature, inducing an artificial fever. Fever is the body’s natural mechanism to strengthen and accelerate the immune response, as seen in the case of infection.

Skin conditions

The profuse sweating achieved after a few minutes in an infrared sauna removes embedded impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing and clean. Increased circulation draws your skin’s own natural nutrients to the surface.

Appearance of cellulite

Since the infrared radiant heat of a Jacuzzi® infrared sauna warms three times as deeply as conventional saunas, it is significantly more effective at reducing cellulite. There is a direct link between the slowing of metabolic rate and the storage of toxins in fat cells.

Heart health

The Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia found that infrared sauna therapy can help keep blood pressure normal, lower cholesterol levels, reduce chronic pain, and treat issues such as congestive heart failure.

Diabetes support

Much has been written about how infrared sauna therapy can Aid and support those managing diabetes because it offers healing activities to help lower side effects. Working simultaneously, these activities include:improved pain threshold space

  • toxic elimination space
  • improved circulation space
  • internal organ cleanse space
Infrared heat and light penetrates your skin and will warm your body directly. Infrared is all around us and provides numerous health benefits. It’s so safe and therapeutic, it is used in hospitals to keep babies warm and is used therapeutically for people with Lyme disease, high blood pressure, detoxification and arthritis among many other conditions.

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Cryotherapy Testimonials

My son had a leg injury and we went to GSO Cryo for the Cryotherapy Treatment as well as Cryo Boot. He felt Great as soon as he was done and hoping to be on the field soon. It is a very inexpensive treatment with Amazing results. I highly recommend it!

Charles Thousand