Whole Body Cryotherapy

The cryo chamber surrounds your body, up to the neck, with extremely cold (up to -230°F) non-toxic nitrogen gas.  The treatment is a controlled dry chill, lowering your skin temperature to about 39°F for up to 3 minutes. This dry chill allows you to experience a pleasant cooling sensation, not the bone chilling feeling of an ice bath, while naturally triggering your body’s most powerful healing and wellness mechanisms.  Cryotherapy does not heal or cure medical conditions.  It is a natural wellness treatment with no negative side effects recorded to date. GSO Cryo is Greensboro’s only full-body cryotherapy provider.

Physical Benefits

Full body cryotherapy has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to have many physical benefits. After a session, you will notice a decrease in pain. The overall inflammation in your body will decrease, and the stress hormone cortisol will be lowered as well. Cryotherapy acts as an anti-oxidant, reducing the overall oxidative stress on your body, which worsens some conditions and causes aging. Additionally, whole body cryotherapy causes the body to release norepinephrine, which enhances mood, sharpens focus, and improves attention. After repeated sessions, you might even find an improved lipid profile, with your cholesterol adjusting towards a better ratio!

Mental Benefits

Whole body cryotherapy provides numerous mental improvements in addition to all the physical benefits. After only 1 session in the cryo tank, you will notice an improvement in your mood, a feeling of alertness, and a sense of euphoria. You will be able to go through your day freshened up, with a feeling of deep relaxation while maintaining your mental sharpness. Studies indicate that whole body cryotherapy can assist in the treatment of depression and mood and anxiety disorders. Using cryotherapy is a revolutionary, non-medicated method for helping these patients in only a 3 minute treatment!

Cryotherapy for Athletes

Cryotherapy in athletes accelerates recovery, allowing you to perform at your best. Not only acting as an anti-inflammatory, cryotherapy has been shown to have positive effects on the muscle enzymes lactate and creatine kinase, which are markers seen in muscle and heart damage. After only a 3 minute cryotherapy treatment, athletes have an increase in anaerobic capacity and maximal muscle strength is restored. Repeated full body cryotherapy may cause neuromuscular functioning to adapt, enhancing the effects of therapeutic exercise. All of this translates to you being able to train harder and recover faster.

Cryotherapy for Everyone

Not only athletes can benefit from cryotherapy. After a cryotherapy session, many people report having some of their best ever sleep, despite enhanced alertness during the day. Because it acts as an anti-inflammatory, whole body cryotherapy can be effectively used to help treat arthritis and fibromyalgia. Studies show that sessions in the cryo tank can be used effectively in conjunction with other treatments for multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis, and even decreases histamine levels in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Cryotherapy does not harm the immune system, and over time, can actually stimulate and strengthen it. Despite the very cold temperatures, there is no damage to the heart like is seen with typical cold stress, making this a safe treatment.

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Cryotherapy Testimonials

My son had a leg injury and we went to GSO Cryo for the Cryotherapy Treatment as well as Cryo Boot. He felt Great as soon as he was done and hoping to be on the field soon. It is a very inexpensive treatment with Amazing results. I highly recommend it!

Charles Thousand